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We are dedicated to improving quality of life by addressing hearing healthcare needs. Our ability to hear impacts relationships at work and at home and treating hearing loss can help us stay engaged and active in the world around us. Advanced Audiology of Greater Omaha combines research based practices and the latest technology to create unique treatment plans to improve our patients’ hearing healthcare needs.

To address your hearing needs, our clinic offers a wide range of services, including diagnostic hearing evaluations, hearing aid fitting and programming, tinnitus evaluations and management, improvement of communication skills through aural rehabilitation, custom hearing protection, cerumen (earwax) removal and assisted listening devices. 

Affordable Audiology Services in Omaha

Advanced Audiology of Greater Omaha specializes in the following services:

Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations
Hearing Aid Fitting & Programming
Hearing Aid Repairs and Cleaning
Tinnitus Evaluations and Management
Aural Rehabilitation
Custom Hearing Protection
Cerumen (Earwax) Removal
Assistive Listening Devices


Advanced Audiology of Greater Omaha
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Phone: 402.235.5028
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Located in Medical Building One at CHI Health Lakeside Hospital

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During your visit, mention seeing this offer for a free pack of batteries for your hearing aids! (Limit one pack per person)

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